(Published in La Gaceta No. 63 of March 31, 2014) Article 1 - Definitions. For the purposes of this regulation, it is understood as: Board: Social Protection Board.

Bag of Prizes: Total amount in prizes available to distribute among the winners for each draw, as stipulated in the Regulations.

Player: Person of legal age who places a bet.

Raffle: The random selection process, duly supervised by Board staff, receiving the corresponding remuneration and judicial competence or a notary public as determined in the Regulations to the Lotteries Law.

Bet: Disposition by the player of a certain amount of money to participate in a specific draw, with the possibility of obtaining a prize.

Play card: Pre-printed form where the player can mark his selection of one or several moves prior to the bet. This form is processed through the online lottery terminal in order to generate a valid transaction receipt containing the previous selection play. The play card is not required to be completed, the player can directly ask the operator of the online terminal for the manual entry of the bet.

Rooster Tapado: Bets that the system emits in a random way.

Point of Sale: Individual or legal persons authorized by the Board for the sale and payment of prizes to the public. Site or person that physically has a specialized system terminal for the sale of bets.

Time of closing of bets: It refers to the moment when the reception of bets for a particular draw is closed.

Transaction: Operation processed entirely at once, receiving a unique identifier (serial number) in the system.

System: Online software and real time that manages each of the transactions resulting from the sale of electronic lottery or transaction processing of the payment of prizes.

Terminal: Device for remote entry and exit of data, production of printed documents and communication of messages originating in a remote central computing system (physical device-equipment used for the sale and transactional processing of payment of electronic lottery prizes).

Reserve: Percentage of the prize pool that is saved to finance prize amounts or extraordinary amounts (to be allocated to players).